Welcome to West Elm Farm!

We are a Micro-Eco Farm located in Pembroke, Massachusetts, 25 miles south of Boston. David Mann Jr. built the original farmhouse in 1805, with additions added through the mid 1800's. Like many of the old farms in southeast Massachusetts, parcels of the original farm were sold off for housing development. Although small by midwest farm standards, it is a manageable size for a Micro Eco-farm and convenient to Boston and Cape Cod.Our life on West Elm Farm started on a rainy Sunday afternoon. While reading the Sunday paper, I fantasized out loud that it might be fun to restore an old farmhouse and have a few animals when we retired. Little did I know how my life was about to change. A few weeks later we decided to act on our dream now, while we still had the energy. We were both ready to leave the city and now seemed as good a time as any. Restoring an old neglected house, researching sheep and poultry breeds and building fences and outbuildings has been a lot of work, but we don't regret our decision.Our goal at West Elm Farm is to produce quality breeding stock by keeping our flock small and providing our animals with a healthy, safe living environment. We have seen our dream grow into wool and mohair (fleece and roving), breeding stock, pasture-raised lamb (whole or half), Goat's milk & Lanolin soaps & hand balm, 100% Beeswax candles, free-range chicken and duck eggs, and farm-raised rabbit meat. We are proud of our Micro-farm and welcome visitors.

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