Handmade Goat's Milk and Lanolin Soap


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Goat's Milk has been used as an ingredient in cosmetics and therapeutic treatments in different cultures for thousands of years. We use goat's milk because it contains special proteins and triglycerides that are easily absorbed by the skin resulting in a natural moisturizing effect. We only use fresh, all natural goat's milk in our soap.

Lanolin is the precious oily secretion from the skin of the sheep that becomes trapped in the sheep's wool. The lanolin is the sheep's natural protector against the extremes of its environment. Lanolin is extremely similar to those natural oils we secrete from within our own skin. Thus lanolin is the only animal (human compatible) oil obtainable without having to kill or dissect the animal. It is a wonderful replacement of our endlessly leached skin oils (washing, pollution, air-conditioning etc.) due to our environmental harshness and modern way of life. However, some people may be allergic to lanolin.

We decided to combine goat's milk and lanolin with other skin nourishing oils (olive oil, coconut oil, soy oil, and cocoa butter) to produce an all natural, luxurious soap that leaves your skin feeling clean and soft.

At West Elm Farm, we use the cold-process method of soap making. This ensures that glycerin, which is a valuable by-product of the saponification process, remains in the finished soap, whereas in commercial soap making this is often extracted and sold separately. Essential fragrance oils are added for a delicate scent. The result: natural luxury for your skin! We hope you agree!

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